Why Do Raccoons Cover Their Eyes?

Raccoons are fascinating creatures, and one of the things that make them so interesting is the fact that they cover their eyes with their front paws. Why do they do this?

When raccoons are scared or trying to hide, they will often put their hands over their eyes. This is likely because it makes them feel more secure and less exposed.

Raccoons also cover their eyes when they’re trying to sleep.

When they’re trying to sleep, they will often put their hands over their eyes to block out the light.

Why Do Baby Raccoons Cover Their Eyes?

Baby raccoons are so cute that it’s easy to forget that they’re wild animals. They have a natural instinct to cover their eyes when they get scared.

This is likely because they feel more comfortable and secure when they can’t see what’s going on around them. By covering their eyes, they’re able to block out the visual stimuli that might be causing them to feel scared.

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