Do Groundhogs Eat Marigolds?

Do Groundhogs Eat Marigolds

According to some research and analysis, it is found that groundhogs don’t like marigold and also they don’t prefer it. Groundhogs prefer dry plants, but not when they burn their mouths. groundhogs don’t have a bad odor.

They don’t particularly like certain flowers, such as marigolds, snapdragons, daints, erratum, nicotine, sweet elm, and annual poppies.

Do Groundhogs Like Marigolds?

Not at all. Marigold produce different smell as like other flower and Groundhogs do not like foul-smelling.

They do not particularly like certain flowers, such as marigolds, snapdragons, dianthus, ageratum conyzoides, nicotiana, sweet alms, and annual poppies.

Marigolds leaf extract is a common herbal medicine. It is often used as a topical antiseptic, but can also be added to pet food due to its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

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It helps with digestion and can fight inflammation and viruses and bacteria.

Do Marigolds Keep Groundhogs Away From Your Garden?

There are many sources to keep your groundhogs away from your garden.

Also, you can carry some Woodend shields for it.

Also, there are many different things that people can do about it. Buy chicken wire (six feet or more in height) and medium-five feet. Tighten the 12-inch deep rope to prevent tunneling. Attach the fence to the pillar, except for the upper legs. Bend away from the yard to prevent oil from rising.

Soils are very fond of living plants, but not when their mouths are burned. Soil doesn’t like bad smells.

They are very disliked by flowers such as marigolds, snapdragons, dianthus, ageratum, nicotiana, sweet alyssum, and annual poppy.

Will Groundhogs eat flowers?

The fact is that groundhogs eat flowers and the reason for that is soil can actually cause problems for fruit and vegetable gardens. They eat almost any property and are very fond of tomatoes.

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Unfortunately, the vibrant, beautiful flower beds may attract the attention of groundhogs and other wild animals.

Why do Groundhogs Like Marigolds?

They especially dislike certain flowers such as marigolds, snapdragons, dianthus, ageratum, nicotiana, sweet alyssum, and annual poppies.

Natural repellents can also be a way to keep Groundhogs away. Groundhogs love succulents, but not when they burn their mouth.

Why flowers do groundhogs eat?

Unfortunately, the bright flowers with a pleasant scent attract the attention of marmots and other wild animals.

While each creature tends to repel a variety of plants, including:

  • Snapdragons
  • Wax Begonias
  • Annual Poppies
  • Garden Carnations
  • Thread Flowers

Garden designs will help ward off most animal pests.


First of all, let us talk about marigolds: It has been shown that planting marigolds around or inside your garden can discourage wood as they find them unpleasant.

Although marigolds do not provide much of their food, Wilhelmina, Whiteface, and Gwynnie show that they do not.

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Also, there are many facts about marigold that is perhaps the most famous insect repellent plant. French marigolds repel whiteflies and kill bad nematodes.

Mexican marigolds are said to offend many pests and wild rabbits. 

Remember that there are some of the toxicity of Marigold flowers and leaves that can be safely eaten by humans and are often used as a culinary herb.

The American Society for the Prevent of Cruelty to Animals says marigolds are not considered poisonous to small dogs when swallowed or touched.

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